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Hi I'm Keely


I'm a National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer with several years of experience and clients ranging in age from teens to seniors. Over the years, I've learned that personal training is personal. I believe the mind and body are connected and take a scientific-personalized approach to creating a workout program that is sustainable and attainable to you. Our mental health is just as important as our physical, and each of our sessions are designed based on how your body and mind are functioning that day all-the-while working towards your goals. My work incorporates mobility, flexibility and resistance training to help with pain management, prevent injuries, improve posture and feel stronger. I'm here to help support you feel good in your body and have fun doing it.

My story

I'm from the Bay Area and currently reside in Oakland, Calif. with my two cats Ninja and Smokey Turkey (yes, that's his actual name).

My fitness journey started while playing competitive soccer in elementary school and throughout high school (Go Eclipse!).

I started working in the restaurant industry while I attended college. During this time I neglected my mental and physical health. I often spiraled in shame and struggled with body dysmorphia. I immediately started working in tech after I received my communication's degree. I spent most of my time focusing on my job and little on my personal health.

In 2018, my dad suffered a minor stroke. At the time my tech job gave me one day off to visit him -- I was burnt out, upset and I realized then that I needed to be more present and mindful with my actions. That's when I decided to become a personal trainer and worked towards my certification which allowed me to transition out of tech.

I'm passionate about doing more than just the physical work. I love helping people find ways to be more present in their mind and bodies and believe working out should be sustainable and fun.


I now enjoy lifting, acro yoga, roller skating and boxing. When I'm not doing fitness, you can often find me laughing uncontrollably at inappropriate memes, being a slave to my fur babies, and killing my plants slowly with my desperate love and attention.


Bachelors of Art Communication

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

CPR & AED Certified

TRX Foundations Training

NASM Nutrition (In Progress)

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