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My training philosophy –

I'm a National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer with several years of experience. My work incorporates a combination of mobility, flexibility and resistance training to help with pain management, prevent injuries, improve posture and feel stronger through science-based techniques. I'm here to help support you feel good in your body and have fun doing it!

Support & Services

1 hr In-Person Training Sessions

1:1, buddy, or trio training is available at a private-gym located in Oakland or in the comfort of your home. Let's discuss what works for you.

1 hr Online Virtual Training

Virtual training is great for people who have a busy schedule, who feel intimidated by gym settings or just feel more comfortable working out from home!

Here's what clients are saying:

"Keely caters all my workout to fit my personal needs – we focused first on mobility, then safe form when lifting, and now correcting posture while ensuring I'm activating the correct muscle. I highly recommend her as a trainer, she will make sure your fitness goals can be achieved."  - Kehtzia L., HR Manager


Let's work out together

Mobility & Flexibility

Strength & Conditioning

Aerobic Training & HIIT

Post Rehab & Recovery

Posture & Injury Prevention

Self-Myofascial Release

Contact Me

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Tell me about yourself:

Let me know why you're here!


Are you wanting to feel stronger and more in your body? Do you feel stiff when you get up? Do you notice pain during movement? Are you interested in learning about how to lift properly in good form? Or are do you need a little more accountability?


Whatever you're facing, I'm open to learning more about you so we work together in creating a foundation that is sustainable for you.


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